Meet JumboGPT, your productivity sidekick for ChatGPT. Bid farewell to manual, one-at-a-time prompts and step into the world of bulk prompts with this Chrome extension.

🔗 Bulk Generation Made Easy

Copy & Paste: Have a list of prompts? Simply copy, paste, and let JumboGPT handle the rest.
CSV Import: Got more complex, multi-line prompts? Use the CSV import and never miss a beat.

🎯 Effortless Execution
One click. That’s all it takes. With a single push of a button, shoot all your prompts to ChatGPT. Watch as responses roll in real-time, fully formed, without the need to babysit every single one.

🔄 Auto-Completion Magic
Worried about lengthy responses getting cut off? JumboGPT’s got your back. It will ensure full and comprehensive replies, no matter the length.

💾 Export Options
Once the magic unfolds, harness your results with a simple export. Whether you’re a CSV aficionado or an Excel enthusiast, JumboGPT ensures your data is ready for deep dives and analyses.

✨ Why JumboGPT?

Time Saver: Process hundreds of prompts in a fraction of the time.

Efficiency: Get consistent, high-quality responses without manual intervention.

User-Friendly: Designed with simplicity and functionality at its core.

🌟 Features:

Bulk Prompting: Easily paste up to thousands of prompts at once. One line, one prompt. Hassle-free.

CSV Import: Import multi-line prompts effortlessly with our CSV integration. Simple, yet powerful.

One-Click Magic: Shoot your prompts to ChatGPT with a single click and get lightning-fast responses in real time.

Auto-Complete: Got a lengthy response? Don’t sweat! JumboGPT ensures full and comprehensive replies, no matter the length.

Export Made Easy: Once done, export your results to CSV or Excel. Perfect for those who crave organized analysis.

✨ Benefits:

Save time and boost productivity.

Analyze and review responses in your preferred format.

Enhance your ChatGPT experience, making it more flexible and efficient.